Expert Tips: How to Set Up an Effective Translation Process

Oh, the joys of global expansion: Suddenly, your business is humming along in more than one language. However, to reap the benefits of your newfound reach, you need to set up a process for translating your content quickly, accurately, and affordably. Combining strong localization technology with professional language services on a single platform can help you achieve that.

With the TextMaster integration in Phrase, you can collaborate with Translation experts across domains, maintain cost control, uphold translation quality, and speed up your time to market. Mansoor Khan, Product Manager at Phrase, and Pierre-Louis Gottfrois, Chief Technical Officer at TextMaster, outline an implementation roadmap for an effective translation process.

Automate and scale your Translation workflow

Think of all those times you had to copy and paste text from one document to another, email multiple files back and forth to get a project completed, or spend hours formatting text to make it ready for translation. Doubtfully any of these tasks are what you would call “efficient.”

Now imagine if you could automate and scale your translation workflow so that you never had to do them again. That’s what you can get with the right localization technology and Translation Services in place. With Phrase and Text Master, every aspect of your workflow is streamlined, from project creation and order management to quality assurance.

Rely on a scalable network of translators

Multilingual content management is all about flexibility. One month, you might only have a couple of headlines to update. The next month, you might launch 10 new products and need landing pages, product descriptions, and marketing material for each of them.

Relying on only one linguist can pose a challenge here—what if they are unavailable when you need them or they don’t have the necessary expertise for a specific type of content? Having access to a scalable network of translators ready to take on the work you require is key to keeping your translation process on track. TextMaster offers this pool of linguists—and you can even choose your favorite ones.

In higher Phrase subscription plans, users can benefit from even more features and settings with the advanced TextMaster integration. It takes, for example, ordering translations to the next level by letting you create API templates with all your preferred settings for translation orders in TextMaster, order those translations from your Phrase interface, and get the localized copy shortly—a truly seamless experience with minimal manual effort.



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