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About Us

Macgence is a leading Language & AI Data company, we provide one-stop service of translation, Transcription, Auditing, Subtitling & fully managed AI / ML data solutions to every customer-oriented work, we always attach responsibility and sincerity. We believe that top quality is the only way to be competitive in the market.

Technology developed by our experienced team has already helped to automate aspects of many industries like finance and manufacturing. This technology can also lend a hand when it comes to AI & ML for global business communication. And this will help us to better serve our customers from all over the world by achieving accurate and within an affordable budget range.

At Macgence, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality Solutions in a timely manner. Be it paper translation, audio or video dubbing or subtitling, voiceover translation, fonts design and  AI Data services so on, we deliver a full range of multilingual solutions that meet our customer’s needs.

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    why we

    Who we are

    At Macgence, our values are our north star, and they influence everything we do from business decisions to company culture. Our core values are:


    We’re experts in our field. We’ll find the best solution for your needs through a frictionless experience.


    As a company, we deliver what we promise. Quality is at the center of everything we do.


    We’re your trusted AI data partner. We protect not only your data, but your company's reputation as well.


    We're building tomorrow's world. Making your AI smarter is our goal with our innovative products and technologies.

    Our Mission

    At Macgence, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge AI data solutions that are carefully generated by human experts. We understand the immense value of accurate and reliable data in today’s digital world. We leverage advanced technologies and the expertise of our skilled professionals to offer comprehensive data solutions. These solutions are meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether it’s data collection or annotation, Our human-generated approach ensures the highest quality and precision. Our language solutions, powered by human-generated data, enable businesses to effectively communicate and engage with their target audience across various languages.

    Our Vision

    At Macgence, our vision is to revolutionize AI through collaborative innovation and human-generated solutions. Guided by our motto, “Building Smarter AI Together”, we strive to create a future where human and artificial intelligence work hand in hand to achieve remarkable advancements. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate AI into daily life, enhancing productivity and decision-making across industries with the help of human-generated data. We empower businesses and individuals to unlock AI’s full potential through collaboration. With continuous innovation, ethical practices, and responsible AI development, we aspire to create a smarter future where AI brings positive change and elevates the human experience.

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    Building Smarter AI Together​


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