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Using advanced technology and AI-driven tools, we continually strive to fulfill your data collection and generation needs. We provide field data for AI and ML project preparation, development, implementation, and deployment, including training data and testing data.

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Trusted By Global Giants


AI Data Collection Services

With more than 5 years of experience supporting and scaling AI initiatives of leading global innovators, Macgence can design a custom data collection program that addresses the data collection needs of a variety of use cases. By creating the AI data collection methodology and delivering high-quality data, our end-to-end solutions ensure that our clients receive legal and regulatory compliant training data.

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AI Data Transcription

Using Macgence, you can build a robust data pipeline quickly to build innovative automated speech recognition (ASR) and speech-to-text solutions, voice assistants, and chatbots. Through our platform-managed crowd and quality methodology, we provide high-quality data that helps you build more accurate AI solutions and accelerate your time-to-market. Regardless of the use case, we customize every client engagement to meet your specific requirements. With our experience in over 120 countries and over 800 language locales, we can help your company scale rapidly to reach more customers.

Translation Services

Transcription Services

Subtitling & Captions Services

Proofreading & Auditing Services

Talent And Acquisition


Take your first step to achieve accurate human translation.


Transcript data for training and validation of speech recognition.


Transforming voices to bridge language barriers and tell global stories.


Utilize our multilingual subtitling services to reach a global audience

AI Data Transcription

Benefit from our Global AI Data Collection Services with Global expertise, local relevance

  • Combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence to fuel global insights.
  • Incorporating actionable human insights into your data.
  • A worldwide resource for valuable and rare human insight about unstructured data.
  • The world’s largest language-independent, human-powered data annotation platform.
  • Providing AI training in any language and context.
  • We are now able to provide insight globally from data.
  • An AI training program approved by a faceless crowd of humans.

AI Training Data

At Macgence, we are one of the leading AI training data service providers with a complete product line of AI training data for businesses and industries. The task of handling AI training data is not an easy one, but we make it easier for you by offering the following services:

In order to utilize unstructured textual data effectively, Macgence provides cognitive annotation services that can help organizations unlock the huge potential of unstructured textual data.

Speech data consists of audio and text data used in speech recognition training.  Speech recognition systems are trained by analyzing the frequency of audio snippets and corresponding words. Speech data annotation is what we specialize in.
We specialize in machine vision and provide image annotation services to businesses worldwide through the talent of our developers. With the talents of our developers, we are specialized in machine vision and provide image annotation services to businesses around the world.

With our award-winning video analysis tools, video data absorbs our in-depth expertise and analysis, capturing hidden nuances within unstructured video. You can extract valuable insights from your video data by analyzing lifelike industrial robots or enhancing a consumer’s shopping experience using AR or VR.

How We are Best

By combining global linguistic, cultural, and technological expertise, we create high-quality datasets. Whether it’s custom data collection or annotation, we empower AI/ML applications with meaningful data.

Global AI with Global Expertise

We aim for enhanced accuracy that you can trust

With the use of modern technology, we are able to ensure that our clients receive accurate translation and interpretation services for their needs. Our technologies cover a wide spectrum of tools and techniques, including CAT tools, machine translation tools, content management systems, and techniques related to translation management systems. We have therefore been able to offer quality translation and virtual interpretation services to certified and non-certified translators with upgraded quality assurance systems.
Global Expertise

Benefit from our Global AI with Global Expertise, local relevance

  • Pairing human intelligence with AI to fuel insights across the globe.
  • Integrating Actionable Human Insights into Data.
  • A worldwide resource for valuable and rare human insight about unstructured data.
  • The world’s largest, language-agnostic, human-powered data annotation platform.
  • AI Training for Data in any Language & Context.
  • From Data to Insight, Now Globally.
  • AI Training that’s human-approved, by a faceless crowd.

Master in Recognition Technologies

Recognizing and interpreting data in various forms is one of the main focuses of a Master's degree in Recognition Technologies. These include speech, images, voice and Facial. A computer vision program may cover topics such as natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Why choose Us?

Unmatched Quality

Since 2018, we have been trusted to provide highly reliable data to some of the biggest names in the AI industry.

Global Expertise

We are strong on human insight for data in any language, with a global capacity that reaches across every continent.

Customer-Driven Approach

Macgence provides consumer-oriented services. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results based on your trust.

Uncompromising upgrade

AI is advancing rapidly. We are constantly evolving our network and technology to stay ahead of our competitors.

Efficient Outcome

Our services are consistent, efficient, and precise. Our service is enhanced by in-built software and experienced Staff.

Inspiring innovation

In the future, technology will be able to empower humanity in many ways. Let us help you make that happen.

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