Maximize Your Productivity with Transcription Services for AI

Transcription Services for AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) ‘s reputation continues to boom globally as numerous industries exploit it. These industries include healthcare, finance, fashion, and retail. According to a 2023 article by Forbes Advisor, around 53% of agencies have already applied AI to enhance manufacturing. Additionally, a Harvard Business Review article states that generative AI can significantly speed up how one does their job. Due to its potential to help people perform their work much faster, the transcription industry is seeing abundant transcription services for AI. In this blog, we’ll explore everything you want to know about transcription services and why you need them.

What are Transcription Services?

Transcription services for AI convert live or recorded speech into written or electronic documents. In these, spoken words are put on paper. These services have become increasingly popular in the last few years as businesses strive to maintain written records of important information.

Human force is the most necessary resource for accuracy. A specialized employee can perform this task manually using the right skills and services. To transcribe, you only need a PC and some headsets. Transcribing 15 minutes of audio takes about an hour in the industry. When using outdated workflows, your management system can become disorganized over time as you collect more data.

Different Types of Transcription

Different Types of Transcription

There are several types of these, including:

Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription converts the spoken words in an audio recording into written text. The process involves listening to the audio recording and transcribing or typing out the spoken words verbatim based on what has been recorded. 

Video Transcription

It is translating your video’s audio into text using either automatic speech recognition technology, manual, or a combination of the two to convert your audio to text. 

Academic Transcription

Typically, it converts recorded educational lectures, presentations, interviews, and discussions into written or typed documents or documents that can be exported into several formats. 

Business Transcription 

It converts audio or video content into text for business communication. Business transcripts can be invaluable for sharing information with your client during negotiation.

Why should you use video and audio transcription services?

Video and audio transcription services for AI enable your brand to expand its customer base, strengthen relationships with global consumers, and boost revenues. You can expect to get the following benefits:

  1. Structured Data Input

Transcription services for AI convert audio and video into text, providing structured data that AI models can quickly process. This step streamlines data handling and facilitates efficient analysis.

  1. Feature Enrichment

These services extract features like keywords, sentiments, and speaker identification from transcriptions. Such enriched features are crucial for AI models, improving their understanding and predictive capabilities.

  1. Training Data Creation

Transcribed text forms the basis for creating labeled datasets for training AI models. This transcription service for AI significantly enhances model accuracy and ensures better generalization during training.

  1. Enhanced Accessibility

Transcriptions make audio and video content accessible in text format, enabling better searchability and user interaction. AI models can leverage this structured data for tasks like summarization, content-based searches, and text-based interactions, improving overall accessibility and usability.

  1. Quality Assurance

Transcription services often include quality control measures such as human proofreading or automated error detection. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of transcribed data, which is critical for training high-performing AI models.

Why choose Macgence over other Transcription Services for AI Companies?

Why choose Macgence over other

Video & audio transcription is the work best left to the professionals. We would define our audio and video transcription services for AI as compliant, discreet, and professional. When multiple speakers, technical jargon, various accents, and different languages are involved, transcribing voice to text can be complicated. We leverage our high-quality services that support audio and video transcriptions in over 800 language regions that can be instantly sent to our pre-qualified linguists.

Our transcribers improve productivity with Intelligent workflow and enhanced feature sets without sacrificing quality. We offer fast & accurate audio transcription/video transcription services for AI with our professional and certified transcribers.

Here are more features that ensure you why we are a good choice for your tailored needs:

Data Privacy

Data privacy of your audio/video content is of utmost importance. Access to your files is restricted strictly on a need-to-know basis. Your files are treated with the highest confidentiality and information security levels under ISO 27001.

Human Accuracy

All our transcription services for AI are handled by professional & certified human transcribers from various domains such as healthcare, education, legal, financial, general conversation, and more, delivering transcripts with 95% accuracy.

Highly Scalable

Whether you speak multiple languages or use different dialects, we guarantee consistency and accuracy for any project scale. We can scale as you grow to accommodate your increased workload.

Secure & Confidential

We ensure your content is protected by utilizing the most advanced security features available in the industry to ensure the security of your content.

Fast Turn-Around Time

ISO-certified quality management processes help in providing fast & accurate transcripts of physician dictation, meetings, conferences, interviews, videos, and much more.


Advanced transcription services for AI are more than services for converting speech to text and vice-versa; they are a catalyst for enhancing AI and ML models, making content a rich data source for analysis and insight generation. By improving data accessibility, enriching training datasets, and broadening application horizons, these services play a crucial role in advancing AI and ML technologies. Macgence provides AI Data Transcription, a beneficial service that converts audio and video to text that is 100% human-generated and can help any business or individual transcend time in managing digital assets through easy-to-digest written content. As we understand, your business is mostly about data. We not only provide human-generated data, but we also transform industries worldwide with human-generated transcription services for AI.


Q- Is there an AI for transcribing?

Ans: – Yes, numerous tools offer a variety of features for a global audience. They specialize in transcribing, translating, and organizing audio and video files in various languages.

Q- Can AI transcribe audio for free?

Ans: – Yes, various audio transcription tools and services offer automatic and human subscriptions.

Q- What are the use cases of AI Transcription?

Ans: – Various use cases include Transcribing lectures and seminars, Transcribing interviews for news articles, Transcribing podcasts into written notes, Transcribing videos to create subtitles and translations, and much more.



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