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Your business is essentially about words, so we not only translate languages, but we transform businesses using words. With over 3 years of experience, we provide cross-cultural communication services worldwide. Get in touch today to learn more about the endless opportunities overseas! 

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Global translation services at the tip of your finger

Established to help you score globalized reach, we at Macgence provide language and Translation Services that perfectly align with your needs. We use advanced tools and software techniques to ensure the quality of translation and interpretation to overcome linguistic barriers. With Macgence’s integrated API translation, you can localize documents, user manuals, and other such records in over 120+ global languages at ease.

Why choose our translation services?

Assured Quality

Our team of translators, interpreters, and industry experts ensures high-quality translations in various fields. Our translations are top-notch and accurate. Our certified services ensure high-quality translations for your business.

Quick Services

With our advanced technologies, we can provide you with prompt, on-time translation services. Professional translators and interpreters provide timely translations and interpretations across most time zones by following specific deadlines.

Customer-Driven Approach

As a consumer-oriented company, Macgence offers a wide range of services. Translating, localizing, and interpreting are all part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. The goal of our company is to deliver exceptional results through trust and confidence.

Human Supervision

Macgence ensures the translation process meets your quality, accuracy, and efficiency standards. Technical aspects of every document are carefully checked by a team of certified translators, field-specific experts, and technicians.

Efficient Outcome

We strive to deliver consistent, efficient, and precise results with our technology-driven translation services. Our service is enhanced by inbuilt software and experienced human translators. Accuracy is not a concern when working with us.

Reasonable Cost

As such, we offer reasonable prices in order to make sure that you don't overspend on translation services. This will allow your company or industry to save money on translation and related services while still receiving excellent quality.

We aim for enhanced accuracy that you can trust

We use modern technologies to ensure our clients receive accurate translation and interpretation services. Our technologies range over a spectrum of tools and techniques, including CAT tools, Machine translation tools, CMS software, and TMS techniques  As a result, we provide certified and non-certified translation and virtual interpretation services with upgraded quality assurance.

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Hindi Translatioin

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Chinese Translation

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Spanish Translation

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German Translation

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Dutch Translation

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Portuguese Translation

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Russian Translatioin

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French Translation

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Arabic Translation

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Japanese Translation

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Korean Translation

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Italian Translation

Translating into 221 languages and counting

To ensure that your translated content is fluent and more natural to a native speaker, we cover more than 200 languages.

Perfect Language Partner For Your Business Needs

We are a renowned online translation agency that offers high-quality language translation services in India and around the world. As a certified agency, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable translations for businesses of all industries. Our agency was established in 2020, and since then, we have been providing top-notch translation services for both Indian and foreign languages. With our global network, you can access our translation services from any part of the world. We cater to all types of documents and ensure that your translations are of the highest quality.

Manual Translation
Native Translaters
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Specialized in Your Specific Industry

There is a language specific to every industry. All of our professional linguists specialize in specific industries and are equipped with the required expertise to deliver tailored translations.


Professional Translation

Our language experts have advanced tools to meet medical, legal, and other professional requirements. We ensure accurate translations and interpretations by Macgence's professionals. Also, we assure accuracy with our formatting, transposition, modulation, punctuation, and adaptation methods.

Gaming Translation

Gaming Translation

Our services include translating video games for global audiences. Modern methods are used by a dedicated team of gaming professionals to translate text files, in-game descriptions, menus, user guides, gaming controls, web graphics, etc. With our translations, you can understand them easily.

Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Our IT specialists and technical writers take care of the technical aspects of translation. Our engineering documents include contracts, user manuals, patents, product sheets, digital articles, training materials, and technical reports. Additionally, we use CAT and MT tools to ensure accuracy.

Software And Application Translation

Software & App Translation

Our in-house engineers, IT experts, and developers provide software and application translation services. Translating user interfaces, user guides, digital applications, software specifications, software process manuals, database documents, and more is what we do. Also, we interpret the technical language used in different software.

Financial Translation

Financial Translation

Our translation services provide outstanding financial and business translations in a confidential manner. In addition to audits, tax reports, disclosure agreements, business reports, equity documents, bank and insurance manuals, balance sheets, mergers, etc., we provide you with simple and relevant translations.


Web Content Translation

One of the key parts of our service is the translation of web content into multiple native languages by using content management systems integrated with artificial intelligence. As part of our content translation services, we provide translation services for a wide range of websites, including eCommerce, educational, enterprise, media, and blogs.

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As we understand your business is mostly about Data, we not only Provide human generated data we transform business in the world with human generated services.


Deliver Your Message Worldwide with Macgence’s Professional Translation Services

Macgence services are accessible in over 120+ languages across 100+ countries to assist you in almost every part of the world. Our translation and interpretation team consists of around 200 certified experts, industry specialists, and talented freelance translators who use our exceptionally advanced technical resources to facilitate high-end localization services.

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