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Macgence has built AI-driven subtitle workflows that enhance linguistic efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and ensure brand consistency.

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High-quality outputs you can rely on

To meet your expectations, Macgence delivers optimum subtitling results with the highest accuracy. We use advanced techniques and software tools in conjunction with human subtitlers, content editors, and subject matter experts to create excellent subtitles for your content. These tools include CPS management tools, CPL tools, ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) software, editing tools, transcription software, and machine translation.


Output formats

Transcripts and subtitles can be downloaded instantly after translations have been completed.

  • A variety of subtitle formats are available, including DFXP, SRT, SCC, RealText, iTunes, and SBV

  • Several transcript formats are available, including plain text, Word, HTML, JSON, and XML

  • In addition, we can create custom translation formats for you

Subtitling or captioning services we offer

Our Subtitle Services include Closed Captions, Open Captions, and SDH (subtitles for the deaf and difficult of hearing). Some of our services are listed below.

YouTube Video Subtitles

We offer high-end subtitling services for YouTube video content to help you reach an international audience and increase viewership. In addition to formatting, editing, converting, and captioning videos according to accurate timestamps, we also provide video conversion services. Through our cloud-based API platform, we offer both live and prerecorded subtitling for YouTube videos, which is then supervised and reviewed by human experts.


Broadcast Subtitles

Our mission at Macgence is to help you gain global reach by providing language and translation services that perfectly match your needs. In order to overcome linguistic barriers, we use advanced tools and software techniques. Using Macgence’s integrated API translation, you can easily localize documents, user manuals, and other records in over 120+ languages.

Television And Film Subtitles

To ensure that the entertainment industry gets the highest quality subtitles, our team uses advanced technology-driven tools and software for transcription, proofreading, and review. We provide an API integration platform that allows you to easily upload files in DFXP, SRT, SCC, SBV, SLT, or any other format you need subtitles in. With our enhanced subtitling services, you can enjoy all types of files as well as niche content.


Promotion And Advertising Subtitles

Additionally, we can subtitle your advertising and promotional audio-visual content so that it is more effective, more credible, and more likely to increase sales and exposure for your business. While generating time-coded transcripts, our editors and industry experts strictly adhere to business terminologies. According to your business needs, we can provide automated captions, human-mode subtitles, and subtitles that are human-translated.

E-Learning Subtitles

With our captioning services, we cater to the educational sector and online learning platforms that require subtitles for educational videos, online courses, academic lectures, and webinars. Our subtitles are academically accurate and consistent in different formats and styles. Furthermore, our audio graphing, speech recognition, real-time subtitle generation, and translation tools enable the professional team to deliver top-notch subtitles or captions.


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Macgence is dedicated to offering global subtitling or captioning services

With more than 100 language experts, professional subtitlers, industry specialists, outstanding freelancers, and translators, we aim to provide global subtitling solutions to different industries. Across more than 100 languages, our team delivers 24/7 subtitling services in a variety of time zones. Over 500 clients have benefited from our exceptional services to date.

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