Real-time facial motion detection to improve driver monitoring systems

Driver Monitoring Systems

Collect and annotate real-world imagery, capturing the driver’s face inside the vehicle with different contrasts to gain a deeper understanding of driver behaviour to improve road safety and define the mobility experience.


With the development of the automobile industry.

Road safety needs to be improved to decrease the number of car crashes. Some global car manufacturers have started putting money into new technologies, for example, driver assistance systems. These systems involve the use of cameras and sensors that detect facial expressions, posture and body language made by a driver thus giving an insight into what is happening within the cabin of a vehicle.


Macgence is a leader in the data collection space, collecting and interpreting the first random images, capturing human faces and in-cars and other customer-specific custom details; during a difficult period of sixteen months.


Large amounts of image data should be collected from non-systematic sources. The images collected must be of people of different ages, backgrounds, facial expressions, positions, expressions, etc. The photos should be collected using different types of cameras to take into account different image specifications. Collected images should be annotated according to metadata as described in the guidelines.

Applications of Driver Monitoring Systems

Autonomous Vehicle Support

Ensuring that the driver is ready to take control from an autonomous system when needed by continuously monitoring their state.


Safety and Compliance

Ensuring that seatbelts are fastened and airbags are correctly positioned by detecting the driver’s posture.

Healthcare 1

Health Monitoring

Employing sensors to monitor the heartbeat rate and other vital signs in order to identify health problems that may interfere with driving.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Integration

Enhancing the cooperation between human drivers and automated systems by monitoring driver readiness to take control when necessary.

The Macgence Way


Compliant high-quality data available at your disposal that comes with benefits of customization as well that can be quickly delivered


Our dataset goes through rigorous 2-level quality checks before delivery


Adherence to both the mandatory compliances of HIPAA & GDPR


Provides ~98% accuracy across different annotation types and model datasets


Experience across a diverse range of use cases



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