Driver Attention Warning/Drowsiness Detection

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Driver attention warning is part of an ADAS system that monitors driver eye and head movements for signs of drowsiness or distraction.

 A possible danger if detected will caution the driver, possible dangers could include heuristics as well non heuristic behaviors, anything from blinking their eyes more frequently as an attempt to focus back on the road ahead, moving their head to refocus their eyes, or pulling over until the driver is fully awake again. 

Driver Alert System Market size was valued at USD 7.7 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 12% between 2023 and 2032.

How does DAWS monitoring work 

  • Driver eye monitoring 
  • Driver head movement monitoring.

Driver Eye Monitoring

The driver eyesight cameras use infrared light to determine where a driver’s eyes are looking, in addition to how open they are and for how long. Some driver eyesight cameras will even monitor pupil size, indicating fatigue or drowsiness while driving to measure driver attention level.

Driver Head Movement Monitoring

Head movement driver attention warning systems monitor head movements and alert drivers who exhibit signs of drowsiness or distraction and those who do not appear to look in the direction of travel before changing lanes.

Use Cases we help

  • Data Procurement

Developing a mature global DAWS system requires a diverse set of imagery as well as video data to ascertain model functionality across diverse set of conditions (outdoor & well as in-cabin)  as well as ethnicities 

Here’s a set of examples of representative data exhibiting our data sourcing for Europe’s largest OEM.

Data Procurement
Data Procurement.
  • Data Annotation & Labeling

As explained above, accurate detection of the driver’s eye & head movements would warranty model accuracy & performance, our expert human-in-the loop data labellers ensure highest accuracy to enable you to develop high performance hyper parameterized convolutional neural network models without any need of fitting.

Data Label – Red, Driver Eye Closed, Face roll

Helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle in slippery conditions. It can also apply the brakes to the vehicle’s wheels to help keep it on track and prevent it from skidding uncontrollably

Data Label – Green, eye open, Attentive

Highly-beneficial in stop-and-go traffic situations or highways, advanced cruise control can automatically accelerate, slow down, and at times stop the vehicle, depending on the action’s other objects in the immediate area.

The Macgence Way


Compliant high-quality data available at your disposal that comes with benefits of customization as well that can be quickly delivered


Our dataset goes through rigorous 2-level quality checks before delivery


Adherence to both the mandatory compliances of HIPAA & GDPR


Provides gives ~90% accuracy across different annotation types and model datasets


Experience across a diverse range of use cases



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