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By using Transcription Services you can make your content more searchable and improve customer engagement by providing readable transcripts.

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AI Data Transcription

Effortlessly convert your

With AI Data Transcription services from Macgence, businesses and individuals can transform audio and video into easy-to-digest written content that can save time while managing digital assets.


Accurateness You Can Rely On

Macgence goal is to deliver the highest quality output to satisfy your needs. With our team of field-specific transcribers and experts, our services are efficient and accurate. We provide you with top-notch outputs, whether it is edited or phonetic transcription or intelligent or verbatim transcription. Transcripts from our transcription services can help you increase exposure for your business via SEO strategies.

Why choose our transcription services?

Easy To Use

By using our simple and intuitive platform, you will be able to purchase and manage transcripts in an easy and effective way with the help of our customer support team.

Highest Accuracy

In order to guarantee that we produce the most accurate transcriptions, we hire the best transcriptionists and train them to the highest possible standard.

Best Value

It is very important to us that we develop a close working relationship with our clients in order to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Secure & Confidential

We make sure your content is protected by utilizing the most advanced security features available in the industry in order to ensure the security of your content.

Fast Turnaround

Our transcriptionist pool consists of many transcriptionists, which enables us to guarantee a quick delivery of our products at all times

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available around-the-clock, and you can quickly access them directly on our website for a fast response.

Transcription Services We Offer

We offer transcription services in multiple languages and niches, some of which are stated below.


Audio Transcription

To accurately convert your audio files into texts, our transcribers use top-notch speech recognition tools. After speech-to-text (STT) processing, all transcripts are thoroughly reviewed and proofread by our experts to ensure accuracy. Using advanced tools, our transcribers type word-by-word text documents.

Video Transcription

Transcribing audio-visual content is just one part of our transcription services. Segmenting timestamps, transcribing them, and merging them after thorough proofreading maximizes your exposure and ROI. Our speech recognition and STT tools are supervised by industry-specific experts and professional transcribers.

Digital Transcription

Macgence provides a secure and convenient transcription of digital files. With our portal, you can get transcripts for MP3, MP4, WAV, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and .mov audio and video files. Conference calls and lectures are transcribed. Our transcription service includes YouTube subtitles.
Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Our transcriptionists use AI-powered tools to provide medically accurate transcriptions. Research papers, consultation records, and medical reports are transcribed using advanced speech recognition techniques. In a post-processing step, our human transcribers review the entire transcript.

Academic Transcription

We provide transcription services for academic projects, lectures, interviews, presentations, and seminars. Educators and subject specialists supervise academic transcripts. Our team manually reviews the text-based documents after software-based transcriptions are completed.

Business Transcription

Macgence offers customized transcription services for businesses and enterprises. In order to keep records and for professional references for your business, we can turn conference calls, interviews, webinars, presentations, seminars, workshops, and more, into text-based documents.
Physician Audio / Video Transcription
Research and Academics
Transcription Legal and Law Enforcement Transcription
Phone Call
Business meeting/conference

Our Services

We provide video and audio transcription services for over 150+ languages, enabling you to scale fast across the globe.

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As we understand your business is mostly about Data, we not only Provide human generated data we transform business in the world with human generated services.


Entrusted to Offer Professional Transcription Services Worldwide

With 200+ transcribers and language experts working around the clock in 120+ languages, macgence make sure that our services are available globally. Our transcribers are highly experienced and well-trained in using advanced technologies and resources to deliver accurate transcripts for all industries.

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