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Better Workforce Opportunities. In addition to AI’s promise to improve our lives, we need to remember how all the innovations that we take for granted came to be in the first place, i.e., through hours of work and sacrifice. Rather than exploiting the hard work of those working on the front lines of innovation, Macgence continually empowers them by standing out from its competitors who are only interested in cheap labor and don’t care once they stop receiving timely payments. Together we grow.”


AI Teams Assemble!

We are pleased to inform you that we have completed hundreds of projects with the help of our contributors. We can also help you with your AI efforts today by using our crowd-sourced experience, which is authenticated and tracked in real time.


6 working days + flexible working hours

To ensure that our employees can maintain a good balance between their professional and personal lives, we adhere to fair working conditions.


Hybrid work option to Employees

Using a hybrid model, we provide our employees with option of working remotely, in office, or on the go. As a result, employees have wide range of choices.


Encourage continuous learning

Continual learning ensures innovative ideas, a broadening of skill sets, and problem-solving skills. We encourage and support employees' growth.


Diversity & Inclusion Environment

Having a diverse culture is important to us, and we strive to attract talented people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.


Equality & Inclusive culture

Inclusion and equality are fundamental to our AI's success. We provide equal opportunities and support all development at our workplace.


Referral Bonus to Employees

We offer attractive referral benefits for internal referrals. We can recruit the best candidates through our employees, who are our best representatives


Enjoy at the Work

Employees work in a healthy environment. It's important to have a fun work environment. We host various events to promote positivity, health, and wellness


Our Values

Throughout our office, we value Trust, Passion to Win, Freedom to Act, and being there for one another. To pursue excellence, we must consistently do excellent work.


Talent Management

We recognize the talents of talented individuals and provide them with opportunities to develop autonomously. Therefore, we believe independence can improve performance.

How it works?

With the quick, secure, and ethical acquisition of high-quality training data, our team helps you develop and improve AI models.

Step 1

Set crowd parameters

Step 2

Onboard crowd on your platform

Step 3

Monitor progress and quality

Step 4

Expand throughput

Our Coverage

With our specialized, experienced, and international workforces in over 155 languages and dialects in over 70 countries, our clients can accelerate their business growth.

Tier 1

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek, German,

Tier 2

English, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Russian, Korean, Turkish, Chinese

Tier 3

Other languages

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