A transcription service can improve university students, researchers, and professors’ understanding, analysis, and qualitative research presentation.

It is often necessary to transcribe audio or video files when analyzing data gathered from focus groups, group meetings, one-on-one interviews, or observations.

A company that is trying to grow and maintain its core competencies needs more time to focus on Transcription and the development of its core competencies at the same time. Additionally, they may not contain the experienced transcribers required to help produce the transcripts. If you do it in-house, you may have many errors, preventing the focus from being directed to your core tasks. Most companies, if not all, outsource their Transcription needs to companies offering transcription services.

What is Transcription?

Transcription services convert live or recorded speech into written or electronic documents. In Transcription, spoken words are put on paper. Transcription services have become increasingly popular in the last few years as businesses strive to maintain written records of important information.

Human force is the most necessary resource to be as accurate as possible. A specialized employee can perform this task manually using the right skills and tools. To transcribe, you only need a PC and some headsets. Transcribing 15 minutes of audio takes about an hour in the industry. When using outdated workflows, your transcription management system can become disorganized over time as you collect more data. Your files can be organized, transcribed, analyzed, stored, and accessed by projects with an integrated AI Data Transcription solution.  

Different Types of Transcription

There are several types of Transcription, including:

Audio Transcription
  1. Audio Transcription:- Audio Transcription converts the spoken words in an audio recording into written text. The process involves listening to the audio recording and transcribing or typing out the spoken words verbatim based on what has been recorded. 
  1. Video Transcription:- Video transcription is translating your video’s audio into text using either automatic speech recognition technology, manual transcriptionists, or a combination of the two to convert your audio to text. 
  1. Digital Transcription:- Digital Transcription refers to using digital tools and technologies to transcribe audio or video recordings. To do this, you can either use software applications to transcribe speech to text, or you can use digital foot pedals that can be used to control the playback of the recording as you type the AI Data Transcription
  1. Medical Transcription:- Medical transcriptionists have learned to listen to medical notes given by physicians and accurately transcribe what they hear into written medical documents that can be used for various purposes.   
  1. Academic Transcription:- Typically, academic Transcription converts recorded educational lectures, presentations, interviews, and discussions into written or typed documents or documents that can be exported into several formats. 
  1. Business Transcription:- Business transcription converts audio or video content into text for business communication. Business transcripts can be invaluable for sharing information with your client during negotiation.

How Macgence helps to get professional service

Hiring someone else is a must to shorten or speed up the transcription process without sacrificing the integrity of your research. You can streamline your transcription process, save time, and ensure that the original recordings are maintained in quality and usability by using an outside transcription service.

Macgence transcription services provide a smooth, easy online experience that enables you to use your recorded audio and video more and help you capture more value from it. We proudly have a team of native English-speaking transcriptionists to capture the details of your interviews, conversations, and observations, so you can devote your attention where it is most needed.